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Azalea Bed and Wisteria
Beech Walk and Wild Garlic
Country House and Spaniel
Dining Room
Giant Redwood
Hot Border
Irish House
Lily Pond I
Lily Pond II
Lupin Border
Magnolia Walk
The Orangery
Purple Border
Rose Garden
Summer Border
Tulip Tree
Yew Avenue
Yew Room
Yew Walk

Watercolours of great houses and gardens of Ireland

I spent many years painting interiors and gardens of beautiful houses to commission.
Between 1998-2003, I painted a series of 28 watercolours of a formal garden and arboretum based on a collection of paintings of Counties Dublin and Wicklow by my ancestor, John Henry Campbell, 200 years earlier.

The original watercolours of which there were 28, were bound in a leather folder and because they had never been exposed to light, were in perfect condition. This gave us the idea of repeating this method, creating a contemporary series of the gardens at the end of the twentieth century.

I spent many hours in that garden over the next five years, painting according to the seasons.For example ,I painted the magnolias, cherry blossom and wild garlic under the beech walk in Spring, wisteria and azaleas in May and the hot bed in August. The Tulip tree was painted in Autumn. I completed about six paintings each year, while of course working on other projects elsewhere

I felt very privileged to have created such work,as I know it will endure for centuries to come, and is a documentation of a wonderful garden and an inspired idea by my patron

The interiors were painted during the winter of 2001, in a house with tapestries,frescoes,an eclectic collection of objects and wonderful colours. The art collection also included coincidentally, paintings by my ancestor Cecelia Margaret Nairn