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Ancient Beech
The Rainbow
To the Landing Strip of the Soul
mossy stone 2
ash tree samhain
dolmen flight of the eagle
hy brasil
keriaval dolmen
kerioned dolmen
meditation on the mountain
" I have collected Susan Morley for twenty years, from flower to tree to rock and towering landscape as she grows in stature year by year "

John Boorman, film director’( ’Point Blank’, ’Deliverance’, Excalibur’)

" I have enjoyed collecting her work for almost twenty years now, the portraits of ancient beech, the mystical landscape of our western shores, the beauty within our wild flora, and especially the great work on Atlantis, where her journey into light is breathtaking "

Lainey Keogh
,designer and artist

"Susan Morley’s work is a quest for the timescape beyond the terra firma. This quest is a continuation of a long tradition of exploration. Not of new lands - but of transcendent otherness.

As early as the 14th century, scientific cartographers placed the island of Hy-Brasil in the Western Ocean off the Irish coast. In later maps, the islands of the otherworld were erased as erroneous but in Morley’s paintings, the tension between geographical realism and ancient myth is undermined. The linear teleology of progress is challenged.

These paintings invite renewed contemplation of ancient truths­- and suggest the startling reality of Oilean Draiochta, Atlantis and Hy-Brasil."

Thomas Bourke, European University Institute, Florence, 2010

Note - ’Oilean Draiochta’ (Island of the Otherworld) is the out-of-reach lodestar of Brian Friel’s play, Wonderful Tennessee. It is Ireland’s Atlantis.