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    August 2012

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    August sky
    Linda Graham

    So far, August has been a washout. The skies are dark and brooding,but full of heavenly light when the sun is strong enough to pierce the heavy cloud. What is going on around the world with the climate? Places are burning up, with forest fires and no water and other places are drowning in water. We need to be grateful for temperate climes, where we just have to put on more clothes to be comfortable

    This is a warm misty day in Kerry. The wild flowers are incredible, Fuchsia, montbretia, purple heather and loosestrife, blackberry flowers alongside ripening blackberries. Its going to be a great year for blackberries. The sea is flat calm, hardly a breath of wind. Id rather be here than anywhere at the moment, certainly not in the heaving airports and busy beaches of Europe

    I was at the opening on Saturday 4th of Linda Grahams new show at Cill Rialaig which was opened by Olive Braiden, chair of the National Gallery, a lovely person, and a big supporrter of Lindas work. Linda is so dedicated to painting and works unbelievably hard, in spite of a debilitating illness. She is a courageous and inspirational woman