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    Chaplin Film Festval

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    Susan Morley and Rafi
    Big Top
    Antonio at poster
    Antonio in big top
    Amanda the trapeze artist
    Barry Norman
    Big Chaplin poster
    Javk Garfein opening museum
    Paddy McDonald & James Sharkey
    Dr Ellie OSullivan & Herta Fossett

    What a fantastic week it was in Waterville. The magic started with the arrival of the Big Top and Fossetts circus, adding colour and drama to the village when it was erected right by the sea. The festival opened with a performance by Michael O Sullivan playing the score to’ Irish Destiny’, a silent film made in 1926, in the Big Top. Every day there were street performances and Chaplin films, Buster Keaton films, Woody Allen and Hal Ashby were represented, short film entries, a talk by Barry Norman the great critic on his favourite films, Gala Awards, and workshops by the legendary veteran director & coach, Jack Garfein. Finally a closing performance by the Italian pianist & composer Antonio Breschi., whilst a huge storm battered the Big Top and rain lashed down. It just added to the magical atmosphere

    The Art of Chaplin Tribute Museum was officially opened during the festival by Jack Garfein who talked about the inspiration of Chaplin in his life. He had arrived in America aged 14 with his family as refugees and survivors of Bergen Belsen, and his first movie experience was Chaplin’s Great Dictator. He spoke movingly of Chaplin’s humanity and genius and how he had inspired him to make a long career in Hollywood. The museum had an amazing exhibition of rare original Chaplin cinema posters from all over the world, collected by Paddy McDonald, from Sydney,and wonderful sepia photographs by Barry McCall

    Waterville paid a fitting tribute to the many years that Chaplin and his family spent here