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    December 2012

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    December Derrynane 2012
    blue moon knightstown 2012
    sunset knightstown

    Its the big one! the month we have been watching out for, first 12.12.2012 and then 21.12.2012, the end of the old time and the beginning of the new age, according to the Mayan calender.
    This is the month to get ourselves seriously sorted out in readiness for a bright dawning for mankind. I believe that time is speeding up and we have to make the most of our lives and life purpose, whilst calming down and reflecting on what is really important. Art is more important than ever as creativity releases stresses and reflects our vision of the world

    There are so many people doing incredible work these days, helping and facilitating those who seek their help. The Holistic Wellness Fair held in Knightstown on Valentia Island, co Kerry last month, revealed the extent of their skill and influence.
    Amongst too many practitioners to mention individually giving workshops and hands on therapies were Joe Mullally www.anamspirit.com, a gifted diviner,dowser, land healer and shaman, Mary Henry, www.muktihealing.org,an energy healer who works with crystals, and Carol Ann Midwinter,www.lighthousetherapies.com, a cranio sacral therapist, all whose skills impressed me.
    Its wonderful to see that all these healers now coming into their own as so many of us understand that we need to nurture the spiritual and etheric body as well as the emotional and physical