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    February 2013

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    The Rainbow
    Ash Tree Grange stone circle

    February has been a very interesting month, beginning on St Brigid’s day or the day of the goddess Brighid, who presides over the ritual of Spring and regeneration.

    The festival or Eigse na Brideoige which is held in this area of Kerry every year was a celebration of poetry and music. I attended an Emotional Freedom Technique workshop in the middle of the month. The highlight was the Holistic Fair held in Tralee 22nd/24th Feb which was a truly mind blowing experience, attended by many psychics, healers and therapists. The gathering of all these gifted people prepared to help each other and give healing and guidance to those who seek it, was an uplifting experience
    I had a stand with a some paintings,prints and art cards and also gave a workshop on ’exploring your sacred path through art and creativity’ which was a great success. Most importantly to me was the reaction to my paintings from people who rather than being art critics, see the spiritual energies that come through the work. In particular, the pastel of the ash tree at Grange stone circle was much admired. The work stands on its own merits and I don’t believe in being falsely modest as I don’t own it. What I mean by that is it came into being with my help as an artist but at a certain stage takes on a life of its own. That is how it should be with true art and that is what I attempted to convey in my workshop

    A lot of credit to Christine Tyler of My Celtic Spirit on Valentia Island who organised the event with a lot of loving energy. We are very fortunate here in Kerry to have such a great group of healers and practitioners to help us