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    Summer Solstice 2012 at Eightercua

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    The Eightercua Alignment
    Solstice Eightercua 2012

    Mid Summer Solstice 2012 was celebrated at the stone Alignment at Eightercua, Waterville. It is the reputed burial site of Sceine, the wife of the Milesian warrior poet Amerghin, who sailed into the bay there in 2,700 B.C. I have always felt the presence of a strong female energy there, and have painted at the stones many times over the years.

    On this occasion
    , the community gathered to celebrate the solstice. A Scottish piper opened the proceedings, followed by the harpist Marina Cassidy who accompanied the dancer, who wove a spell as she danced barefoot amongst the stones and within the circle. The meaning of this sacred site came to life, as we collectively realised that this is how this place was utilised almost 4,000 years ago